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Game Theory .net selected as one of the 50 best resources for information on science and technology and one of the five best on mathematics by the editors of Scientific American.

Scientific American
May 2003
From Scientific American:
If you want to figure out what you should do if you end up in the clink with your partner in crime being interrogated next door, the exhaustive explanation of the famed Prisoner's Dilemma provided here can help. Interactive applets explain the premise and let you try your luck against a variety of opponents. This extensive site provides plenty of other examples of Game Theory--the study of how people interact and make decisions--including lecture notes, quizzes and recent real-world examples ripped from the headlines. And if you don't get your fill online, the site, administered by Mike Shor of the Owen Graduate School of Management at Vanderbilt University, lists dozens of textbooks and a thorough compilation of examples of Game Theory in popular culture.
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