Game theory in the popular press.


Game theory and economics in the news

July 26, 2006 Gallatin News Examiner, Boater's game of chicken goes afoul
A drunk boater speeds directly at police, described as a game of chicken (with unfortunate pun) in the headline. (by Brandon Puttbrese)
July 21, 2006 The Record (Troy, NY), Game of chicken goes bad
Failing to learn from James Dean, and suffer a head-on auto collision as both refuse to lose in a game of chicken (by James V. Franco)
May 18, 2005 Philadelphia Inquirer, Filibuster fight goes to core of the Senate
In the battle over the use of the filibuster in the United States Senate, members are "like testosterone-crazed teenage drivers locked in a game of chicken." (by Dick Polman)
May 2, 2005 CFRA News, Ottawa, Teen loses game of chicken with train
Not a good idea. (by Josh Pringle)
November 9, 2003 New York Times, The imperfect science of release dates
Strategic selection of movie release dates is often a game of chicken and often requires credible preemption.
September 8, 2003 Fresno Bee, Florez air bills may have to wait
Classic game of chicken in the State Assembly over an environmental bill as the legislative deadline nears.
August 1, 2003 New York Times, Schwarzenegger and top ally mum as filing deadline nears
As the recall election filing deadline approaches, Schwarzenegger and Riordan play game of chicken as only one should run, but should enter at the final moment.
July 27, 2003 Bay City News, Game of chicken turns deadly for SJ youth
If there was such a thing as the "game Theory Darwin Awards," these two participants in a carless version of game of chicken would likely win.
March 16, 2003 Post-Gazette , Bush is playing 'chicken' not only with Saddam, but with the U.N. and allies, as well
Diplomatic and military brinkmanship games require strong commitments to win. Who will blink first on each front?
January 12, 2003 New York Times, A surge in saber-rattling at the precipice
Describes the origin of the word brinkmanship and the game of chicken from James Dean to Iraq.
November 19, 2002 MSNBC, Capitol Hill's last-minute maneuvers
The game of adding pork to important legislation through bill riders represents a political game of chicken.
March 22, 2002 Video Business, A Game of Chicken
Movie studios and movie rental stores are embroiled in a game of chicken according to executives.
February 25, 2002 Christian Science Monitor, Partisan 'game of chicken' over jobless benefits, tax cuts
In an election year, which party will blink first in game of chicken over tax cuts and benefits?
December 4, 2001 CNet, Blunders aplenty in AT&T, @Home talks
Excite loses in game of chicken against AT&T by underestimating its opponent
November 5, 2001 New York Magazine, The domino theory
Mayoral race in New York includes cascades, strategic voting, and games of chicken
June 18, 2001 Business Week, California's giant game of chicken
Energy companies play game of chicken with regulators
April 14, 1999 Financial Times, Playing chicken can clip one's wings
Describes how the game of chicken applies not only to film versions of teenage angst, but also to common business situations. (by John Kay)
October 10, 1998 New Scientist, Don't get even, get mad
Drama Theory attempts to reconcile game theory with irrationality, emotional commitment.
April 19, 1997 New Scientist, Game theory backs crackdown on petty crime
Zero-tolerance policing is a game of chicken between cops and sociopaths.