Game theory in the popular press.


Game theory and economics in the news

May 21, 2005 The Indian Express, Bombay, Football's zero-sum game
From the "reportes pointing out the painfully obvious" department, this reporter notes that the final match of the FA Cup is a "zero-sum game." (by Jayaditya Gupta)
May 16, 2005 The Journal News, NY, Lucas' dark finale feels forced
Star Wars movie review and political commentary notes the fallen hero "Anakin morphs into a zero-sum tyrant ... almost the mirror image of George W. Bush." (by Kevin Canfield)
October 18, 2004 Yale Global Online, US Presidential campaigns and the world
Argues that outsourcing and globalization are not zero sum games as the presidential campaign may make some believe.
October 17, 2004 New York Newsday, States up for grabs dwindling
Allocation of resources across states by presidential candidates is a zero sum game.
March 1, 2004 Wisden Asia Cricket, The humanising factor
Discusses the international importance of India-Pakistan cricket matches and notes that sport and war are often zero-sum games.
October 28, 2003 Australian IT, Christmas comes early for Corbett
Argues that the market incorrectly views retailing as a zero sum game, punishing one chain for successes by another.
October 27, 2003 FrontPage Magazine, Illegal immigrants reshape the political landscape
The distribution of Congressional suits proportional to population makes it a zero sum game, leading to battles over counting illegals.
September 11, 2003 New York Times, Two years later, a thousand years ago
A simplistic characterization of globalization and interdependence as making the world "more nonzero-sum," tying American prosperity to that of other nations.
June 8, 2003 New York Times, Hollywood Defections Leave Agency Low on Tinsel
Lack of new talent means Hollywood talent agencies playing zero sum game, fighting over fixed resources.
May 15, 2003 Slate, Both sides now
A game theoretic analysis of the Middle East conflict, considering irrationality and whether the game is or is not zero-sum
October 22, 2002 Daily Trojan (USC), Exorcising the ghosts of American foreign policy
Argues Kissinger's foreign policy based on zero-sum game theory.
October 20, 2002 Gambling Magazine, Game and probability theories may suggest different strategies
Applies minimax solution concepts to zero-sum casino games.
March 18, 2002 InformationWeek, Playing The Nonzero-Sum Game March
Globalization has transformed relationships into non-zero sum games
December 21, 2001, Notes on the economics of game theory
Provides extensive introduction to game theory and argues that Eastern Europeans view business culture as a zero-sum game.
October 4, 2000 Business World, The unbearable lightness of ad revenue
Electronic commerce: constant-sum games in online advertising
July 12, 2000 Beyond, Putting the pawn into rocket science
Application of zero-sum pursuit-evasion games to missile defense.
July 12, 2000 Science a GoGo, The game of missile interception
Application of zero-sum pursuit-evasion games to missile defense