Game theory in the popular press.


Game theory and economics in the news

April 29, 2005 Globe and Mail, Martin-Layton deal no surprise to some
Canadian politicians employ game theorists to assist in negotiation and deal-making with rival factions. (by Petti Fong)
September 5, 2003 Forward, Israeli economists' dangerous minds
Notes that economists are more greedy than other people in the ultimatum game. (by Avia Spivak)
January 10, 2003 Economic Times (India Times), Discovering Nash at division of mango loot
Amarty Sen addresses John Nash's bargaining solution arguing for the inclusion of equity and fairness notions.
December 6, 2002 Disinformation, The art of mega deals
Rupert Murdoch's success in business is partly the result of "understanding how game theory shaped deal negotiations and inter-firm competition" (by Alex Burns)
November 8, 2002 Chronicle of Higher Education, Calculus of the battlefield
Describes at length research noting that deterrence in international relations requires fending off only select attacks.
August 31, 2002 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Union keeps Midwest Express guessing
Union uses mixed strategies in threatening slowdowns to gain upper hand in negotation
January 10, 2002 Texas A&M University, Social Interactions May Be Traced Back To Carnivorous Behavior
Cooperative hunting and meat-sharing analyzed as a cooperative game and a negotiation.
September 6, 2001, Sell me a story
Why are buildings in the same city of different heights? Negotiation may lead to higher profits from each building.
2001 Technology Acquisition Update, Negotiating when value is not tangible
Provides a guide to negotiation in low-information environments, and notes the role of perception.
December 1, 2000 Server World, B2B: Keep it complex - stupid
Electronic commerce: automated negotiation requires understanding of game theory
October 18, 2000 CNET News, Revenue-sharing contracts boost supply chain performance
Blockbuster experience highlights greater profits from negotiating revenue sharing arrangements in the supply chain.
May 1, 1999 New Jersey Lawyer, Negotiating better results for your clients
Rules for negotiation and repeated encounters