Game theory in the popular press.


Game theory and economics in the news

July 19, 2006 PokerMag, WSOP Update - Day 22
William Chen, a PhD mathematician, uses game theory and mathematics to win at the World Series of Poker. (by Ryan McLane)
April 29, 2006 Slate, If Life Gives You Lemons ...
A discussion of Akerlof's famous lemon problem, and the role of adverse selction in the markets for used cars and insurance (by Tim Harford)
October 11, 2005 BusinessWeek, A nobel letdown in economics
In response to the 2005 Nobel Prize, argues that game theory is merely a theoretical pastime, and experimental economics is the hope of progress for economics. (by Michael Mandel )
May 11, 2005 Rutland Herald, VT, Mathematicians earn post office stamp of approval
Discusses the introduction of a new United States postage stamp honoring John von Neumann
May 1, 2005 ABC News, Who's counting: math in narratives
Reviews the trend in film and on television to incorporate mathematical themes, including the film A Beautiful Mind and the show Numb3rs. (by John Allen Paulos)
March 12, 2005 New Scientist, Charity begins at Homo sapiens
Reviews the work of Ernst Fehr and others on altrusim and reciprocity in economic experiments. (by Mark Buchanan)
December 18, 2004 New Scientist, Interview: Return of a 'beautiful mind'
Interview with John Nash about economics, mental illness, and the film based on his life (by Michael Brooks )
February 13, 2003 Cyber India Online, Games people play: A different theory
An interview with game theorist Avinash Dixit about the fundamentals of game theory (by Chinmayee S)
December 6, 2002 Disinformation, The art of mega deals
Rupert Murdoch's success in business is partly the result of "understanding how game theory shaped deal negotiations and inter-firm competition" (by Alex Burns)
November 15, 2002 Miami Herald, Nash of 'A Beautiful Mind' fame testifies in Benlate case
John Nash acts as expert witness in support of game theory in the court room.
October 31, 2002 ESPN, Fourth-down analysis met with skepticism
Paul Romer's findins that teams should punt less often given the odds criticized by professional coaches.
December 1, 2001 Discover, Why we take risks
Describes evidence of Amotz Zahavi's "handicap principle" by which risky, extravangant behaviors by many species of animals signal strength and ability.
March 7, 2001 Financial Times, Peak performance
An eulogy to Herbert Simon, describing his theory of satisficing and contributions to behavioral economics. (by John Kay)
July 1, 2000 Lingua Franca, Death of an altruist
Evolutionary biologist George Pierce believed in the evolution of cooperation
December 19, 1997 New Statesman, How about some Christmas brain-teasers with a twist?
Suggests Shubik's dollar auction as a fun family activity (though offers no disclaimer to the likely feud that will result).
November 13, 1994 New York Times, The lost years of a Nobel laureate
John Nash biographer Sylvia Naser discusses the Game theorist's life and work.