Game theory in the popular press.


Game theory and economics in the news

July 26, 2006 Gallatin News Examiner, Boater's game of chicken goes afoul
A drunk boater speeds directly at police, described as a game of chicken (with unfortunate pun) in the headline. (by Brandon Puttbrese)
May 16, 2005 The Journal News, NY, Lucas' dark finale feels forced
Star Wars movie review and political commentary notes the fallen hero "Anakin morphs into a zero-sum tyrant ... almost the mirror image of George W. Bush." (by Kevin Canfield)
May 1, 2005 ABC News, Who's counting: math in narratives
Reviews the trend in film and on television to incorporate mathematical themes, including the film A Beautiful Mind and the show Numb3rs. (by John Allen Paulos)
January 31, 2005 Newsweek, Does your iPod play favorites?
People see patterns even when none exist, such as in IPod's randomization feature. This presents a behavioral challenge for mixed strategies. (by Steven Levy)
January 28, 2004 New York Times, In Online Auctions, Misspelling in Ads Often Spells Cash
Amusing article about how misspelled auction listings are less likely to be found and thus create an arbitrage opportunity. (by Diana Jean Schemo)
November 9, 2003 New York Times, The imperfect science of release dates
Strategic selection of movie release dates is often a game of chicken and often requires credible preemption.
October 27, 2003 The Washington Post, Concert tickets moving to e-auctions
Ticketmaster begins to sell some concert tickets through auctions attempting to appropriate some surplus currently going to scalpers. (by Leslie Walker)
July 28, 2003 The Guardian, Caught on tape
A 1974 parody show serves as an example of "Living Scultpure". Contestants participated in a prisoner's dilemma with payoffs reflected as hours of solitary time in a basement.
June 8, 2003 New York Times, Hollywood Defections Leave Agency Low on Tinsel
Lack of new talent means Hollywood talent agencies playing zero sum game, fighting over fixed resources.
December 24, 2002 Reality News Online, Is the key to Survivor in 'non-cooperative games'?
Discusses how the reality TV show's many strategic challenges can be analyzed with game theory.
November 18, 2002 Toronto Star, Why paper and scissors rock
Hundreds of competitors at the World Rock Paper Scissors Society add a heuristic approach to mixed strategies.
March 22, 2002 Video Business, A Game of Chicken
Movie studios and movie rental stores are embroiled in a game of chicken according to executives.
March 2002 Beacon Hill NewsLink, Summer's here! Let the Hollywood games begin
How movie studios signal the dates of movie releases to avoid heavy competition.
August 25, 2000, To the last 'survivor'
Examines cooperation in extensive-form games on the TV show "Survivor."
October 31, 1998 New Scientist, Theory on stage
Letter noting that dramatists can view character development in terms of game theory.
October 10, 1998 New Scientist, Don't get even, get mad
Drama Theory attempts to reconcile game theory with irrationality, emotional commitment.
1996 Montana Chess News, Celebrity interview
Mock-interview of Star Trek's Spock incorporates rationality and common knowledge