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The contents of this web site, including, but not limited to, the web design, underlying code (e.g., HTML, perl, Java), text, Game Theory .net logo, and site navigation graphics, are copyright Game Theory .net. Any use, reproduction, or distribution is prohibited without prior written permission unless explicitly stipulated otherwise.

The copyright to some materials on this website are held by other individuals or entities and are the sole property of those entities. Their availability on this web site or links to them from this web site does not imply any ownership or rights to them. It may be necessary to seek permission to reproduce the materials from the original author or copyright holder. Information is available in the credits.

Fair Use

Game Theory .net is a non-commerical, educational project. The incorporation of copyrighted materials is into a transformative work for the purpose of teaching, research and scholarship. The primary purpose is to offer commentary on game theory's role in society, including business, fields of academic study, and popular culture, through examples of game theory's ubiquity. A secondary purpose is to forward a critique of some of the theory's misapplications.

Thumbnails: Display of book and movie box covers, and other identifying graphics, are used to aid in recall and in the access to original materials or non-affiliated retailers who sell the original works. These images are kept small and are of substantially inferior quality to the originals. These images are used in a fashion similar to their original purpose of publicizing or promoting the original product or service. Also, these images are used to accompany commentary on the work's use of or relevance to game theory.

Multimedia works: Scenes from movies, television shows, or other video works, and audio clips from songs, television shows, or other works, are used to accompany and highlight themes from commentary relating the work to applications of game theory. In all cases, short selections are used, only sufficient to highlight the role of game theory. These are non-commerical uses and generally accompany links to retailers where the original work may be purchased.

Likenesses of people: images of game theorists in the dictionary section of this site accompany factual discussion on the individuals' contribution to game theory.


Some site navigation graphics incorporate images created by others, and are used by permission. These include Microsoft Corporation (EULA), Gary Curtis (released under GFDL), Sorin Brinzei, PrintMania, digital printing services (terms of use), and Darrin Mossor (available here).

Components of site navigation were inspired by or adapted from Alex Russell, Douglas Bowman, and Dan Cederholm.

Reviews of books and movies are the respective copyright of their authors, as noted on each review page. Each was submitted to Game Theory .net with implicit or explicit consent for publication.


Academic citations to materials at Game Theory .net should include the author, url of the page, and date of access. General (unnamed) materials is authored by Mikhael Shor. Further guidance is provided for citing dictionary entries


You may link directly to any page at this site and may use any text or image of your choosing to do so. Specific graphics for linking are available.

Framing or inlining of Game Theory .net material is not allowed, except in cases where a small, navigational frame exists, and it is clear that the framing site is providing content from Game Theory .net, and no affiliation is expressed or implied.


The applets residing on this site are copyright © 2001-2006 Mike Shor. Anyone is free to use or provide direct links to the applets for any non-commerical purpose. However, downloading, copying, modifying, inlining, or framing the applets is prohibited. Contact us for permission to use in any other way or incorporate into any other product.

If you believe there is a copyright infringement

We respect the rights of copyright holders and prefer amicable resolution of any claims of infringement. Please contact Game Theory .net for swift, informal resolution of copyright issues. Alternately, for formal notice, see our section on DMCA notification.