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Game Theory .net privacy policy


Game Theory .net and its related domains are devoted to protecting users' privacy. We do not collect any personally-identifiable information unless you provide it to us.

What do we collect?

Game Theory .net may obtain anonymous information about users and visitors through server logs. Specifically, server logs generally record a user's IP address, information about the browser and operating system you are using, the web site that contained the link that brought you here, and the date and time of your visit. These data may be used in aggregated form to enhance the web site, gauge popularity of certain site resources, and make the site accessible to users given the technologies that they employ. No personal identification is recorded in these logs. However, note that if your IP address is static, it is possible that it may be used to identify you, though Game Theory .net does not do this.

No personally identifiable information is currently collected from general visitors to Game Theory .net. Users in Mike Shor's course or in experimental games for other courses that are hosted at Game Theory .net or participants in research experiments, may required to register with personal information, which currently includes a name and email address. This information is used to track student participation for the course-related games, or subject participation for research-related pursuits. Such information may be used to assign grades or make payments for experimental games.

How is information used?

Information supplied for a specific purpose is used only for that purpose. For example, registration for online course games is not used outside of course-related activities. E-mail addresses provided in order to receive information about upcoming experimental games are used only for that purpose.

Can I opt out?

Since no information is currently collected outside of course related or research-subject related pursuits, no opting out option is required. All of the information collected for these pursuits is required for participation.

Availability & Corrections

You may, at any time, request to see all of the data available about you. You may also make changes or updates to this information by contacting Game Theory .net.

Use of Cookies

These are yummy - but on the Web, they leave crumbs that can be traced back to you. Game Theory .net does not use cookies without the consent and positive action on the part of the visitor. Specifically, any cookies which may provide persistent state data would require the user to press a button labeled "Set Cookie" (or equivalent). Any cookie set in this manner will also have an online utility for removing it.

Currently, no cookies are utilized for the general user of Game Theory .net, but may be used for course-related materials if the user, for example, wishes to utilize the automatic log-in capability.


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