Games of strategy. Game theory without the theory.


Strategy board games

Stratego Stratego
"The strategy game full of surprises" is over 40 years old and still one of the best strategy games ever.
Quoridor Quoridor
A combinatorial game with the simple object of getting one's pawns across the board first, but with an obstructionist fence-building twist.
Lord of the Rings Lord of the Rings
A cooperative game in which players, each with a unique "special power," work toward the common goal of defeating the enemy
Diplomacy Diplomacy
"Cunning and cleverness, honesty and perfectly-timed betrayal are the tools needed to outwit your fellow players. The most skillful negotiator will climb to victory over the backs of both enemies and friends."
1830 1830
"Predictable play in 1830 leads to quick defeat and it is to your advantage to be diabolically random. Keep the other players guessing as to what you have planned."
Risk Risk
Quoridor Cathedral
Magic Magic
Risk 2210 AD Risk 2210 AD
Samurai Samurai
Axis & Allies Axis & Allies
Monopoly Monopoly
Acquire Acquire
Modern Art Modern Art
Settlers of Canaan Settlers of Canaan
Cosmic Encounter Cosmic Encounter
Puerto Rico Puerto Rico
Traders of Genoa Traders of Genoa
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